About Us

Thank you for wanting to learn more about My Ellie Bean, we are a family business whose primary goal is to help you create moments and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond

A question we get a lot is, how did we come up with the name My Ellie Bean? It’s actually a very cute story, our daughter’s cat is nicked named Bean, our son and his wife’s dog is named Ellie being all about family we thought what a great way to celebrate the “whole” family, thus the store name My Ellie Bean was born.

We write all our message cards ourselves, spending extensive time and testing to create just the right saying and sentiment. This way you know each word and design of the card you pick has been thoughtfully crafted with the recipient in mind.

We then marry our heartfelt cards with quality jewelry created in and shipped to you from the U.S.A. For our European customers, we have a facility in Europe which creates and ships our designs to you.

We spend extensive resources, carefully testing message cards to ensure that we succeed in creating memories that last a lifetime. 

We bring these unique gifts to your social media feed so that we can help you create moments and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Looking for additional unique items for yourself or as a gift, you will also find our exclusive designs and phrases on our t-shirts and wall art (of course created and shipped from the U.S.A).

We look forward to you becoming a member of our extended family.

Much Love,
My Ellie Bean



We have family members who are members of the first responder community, we are proud to support first responder initiatives.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about any of our products or products you would like to see, we want to hear from you.

Please email us - customersupport@myelliebean.com